Webiva Updates

What's new this week in Webiva development? Well, lot's of cool stuff is going on behind the scenes and we're trying to make it easier to get a sense of everything that's going on, so we'll be updating the news every 1-2 weeks with a quick synopsis of what going on.

New Rails3 Branch

We've been incorporating the latest version of Ruby on Rails into Webiva, and our developers have got a new Rails3 Branch up and ready for testing.


New Calendar of Events Module

There is now an Event Module, which is an easy way to incorporate an events calendar into your site. Here's how to use it:

Once activated, the Events Module will show up under "Content." In there, you will see the basic calendar interface for site admins to add events to the calendar. Choose between Day, Week, and Month views. Click the day to get a popup in which you enter event details. You can also configure different Event Types to add more information. The calendar works similarly to the blog feature, as you can create list and detail pages for the events.

Events Module


Updated Documentation

We updated all our documentation for the latest version of Webiva, made sure screenshots match the latest version. Our next step is to bring the module documentation up to snuff.

As always don't hesitate to contact us or post on the forums with any questions!


Get the vote out

Masschallenge 2011 contestant GamesForLanguage is built on Webiva (and also has a nifty Facebook app). Vote for them at: http://masschallenge.org/profile/team/gamesforlanguage-llc.

Posted 09:52AM on May 06 2011 by Eileen Ani