Community Page Launched on - long the neglected stepchild of the Webiva website triumvirate ( / / is finally getting the attention it deserves. We'll be focusing on the site over the next few weeks to make it more functional and more of a interactive resource for the community. We launched a new homepage earlier in the week highlighting new content on the site  and today we're launching the first version of the community tab giving visibility to members of the site. 

We want to provide an opportunity for members to showcase work they've done with the system and provide a resource for people looking for contractors to help them build and integrate sites in the CMS. Public profile's are opt-in - so you'll need to log into your account, edit your profile and publish it for your profile to appear in the directory. You can also use the updates feature to post information links and media of your work in Webiva, giving members a chance to showcase their work.

Here's the first couple profiles in the system:

Some of the features we'll be adding include:

  • Web portfolios
  • Searchable directory of Webiva professionals
  • Posting of updates to twitter and facebook
  • RSS Feed of posted updates
Posted 17:56PM on October 09 2010 by Pascal Rettig

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