Webiva Modules

Now that the core release is out and rolling - we're working hard on getting as many of our existing Webiva modules cleaned up and released.

There are three types of modules:

Built-in - these are part of the base Webiva install and are available in every Webiva installation
Core Module - these need to be installed separately but will be developed and supported by the core Webiav team.
Third Party - None of these yet, but we're hoping some enterprising individuals are going to take a look at the developer docs and come up with some great stuff.

Modules can be installed by cloning them into the vendor/modules directory.

If you are interested in seeing one of these in action or would like early beta access to a module - just let us know.

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  • Blog(Built In)

    The blog module provides the ability to add one or more blogs into your system. Blogs are a simple pieces of content that have a title, body and permalink they can be used to add News, Press Releases, or yes, one or more Blogs to your site.

  • Book(Core Module)

    The book module lets you add pages of hierarchical content to your website that you can let users flip through. Basic wiki support is also included. See the core Webiva documentation for an example of the book module in action.

    GitHub Repository
  • Custom Code(Core Module)

    Allows you to write custom ruby code paragraphs into your site – about as dangerous as a bull in a china shop (System admin's only)

    GitHub Repository
  • Facebooked(Core Module)

    Facebook connect integration - adds a boatload of facebook paragraphs and support in the login paragraph for a facebook connect button.

    GitHub Repository
  • Feed(Built In)

    The Feed module adds support for publishing and consuming RSS feeds via a Feed site module and a RSS feed paragraph. The generic feed widget and paragraph also allow you pull in arbitrary data for display on your site or in a dashboard widget.

  • Feedback(Built In)

    The feedback module adds support for comments, ratings and pingbacks into your site.

  • Forum(Core Module)

    Add support for user forums to your site.

    GitHub Repository
  • JQTouch(Core Module)

    Module that allows simpler integration with JQTouch javascript library for iphone. Simply add the header paragraph to a framework and you should be set up. You'll need to create custom paragraph themes for to generate JQTouch compatible output.

    GitHub Repository
  • Mailing(Core Module)

    The mailing module lets you send email campaigns to groups of users and provides as wizard for creating those campaigns

    GitHub Repository
  • Media(Built In)

    The Media module adds support for a number of media related paragraphs, including Video, Audio and SWF (for playing flash files) as well as image gallery support.

  • Message(Core Module)

    The message module provides in-site messaging support.

    GitHub Repository
  • Notification(Core Module)

    A Simple module that let's you display in-site notification to individual members or groups of members based on tags. Content of the notification is configurable with a custom content model.

    GitHub Repository
  • Oauth(Core Module)

    Module that adds support for the 3rd party login via ouath (requires the tweet or facebooked module to be useful)

    GitHub Repository
  • S3(Core Module)

    Adds S3 / Cloud front as a supported file host – automatically push your files to S3/Cloudfront

    GitHub Repository
  • Share(Core Module)

    Tell-a-friend support with support for the plaxo importer

    GitHub Repository
  • Shop(Core Module)

    Adds full e-commerce support to Webiva with an extensible, customizable shop. Alpha release

    GitHub Repository
  • Simple Content(Built In)

    Let's add structured simple content paragraphs to pages that can be styled via site features.

  • Social(Core Module)

    Social networking module adds support for friend lists, wall posting and social groups.

    GitHub Repository
  • Tweet(Core Module)

    Module adding support for displaying tweets and authenticating with Twitter over oauth

    GitHub Repository
  • User Profile(Built In)

    Module that adds simple user profile support - the ability to create, view and edit extended profile information about members of the site. Pair with the Social module for a User Profile on steroids (figuratively - we don't performance enhancing drugs).

  • Webform(Built In)

    Let's quickly create simple Webforms (like contact forms) without needing to create a custom content model.