Looking to set up Webiva on Ubuntu/Amazon EC2

Jason Santo 6.Dec.2012 11:54am

I’m new to Webiva, and indeed to Ubuntu/Ruby/Rails, etc.

I’ve been trying to follow the documentation, but it seems like some of it may be out of date and for a n00b such as myself, I don’t know how to get around certain issues – specifically GEM source deprecation notifications like this one:

NOTE: Gem::SourceIndex#load_gems_in is deprecated with no replacement. It will be removed on or after 2011-11-01.

I’m not a server admin by trade – more of a front-end developer with some application development experience. It appeared you were going to be offering turnkey hosting and such… is that no longer in the offering?

I ask because I’ve been working with Webiva at a day job and find it to be an immensely flexible, easy-to-use and powerful CMS compared to any other I have used.

- Jason