Webiva on heroku

Sergi 11.Jun.2011 1:23am
Hi there,

I have seen several rails cms that can be installed directly into heroku (such as radiant, locomotivecms, etc)
that is a great feature however those cms’s in my oppinion can’t match webiva’s features and capabilities.

is there a way to install webiva into heroku? using a mysql database in amazon ec2 or similar. I am quite new in the rails world and would appreciate if someone could tell me how [im]possible this would be

Pascal Rettig 11.Jun.2011 12:26pm
Hi Sergi,

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment, primarily because Webiva writes to the file system for uploads – however this is a very high priority for us, and in the next couple months (along with a production release of the Rails3 branch) we will releasing a version that is Heroku compatible (using S3 for file uploads)

The secondary problem is that Webiva isn’t a standard Rails app (because of it’s multi-site, multi-db support) – so we will most likely start with a version using Amazon RDS as you suggested and then end up with one that supports a single-db Postgres install.

Nate Ss 24.Dec.2011 7:59am
How is this coming along? As this is need for me, if I am going to roll this out for a client. Thanks Pascal.
Elmar Strallhofer 17.Dec.2012 7:47am

now, 18 months later, how is the situation? Heroku integration is very important also for my projects…