Modules: Facebooked

Once the module is enabled and an application linked, add in the the OAuth Login Feature.

You must require the email permission to get a user’s real email address.

And add in a paragraph theme code like the following:

     Welcome <cms:name/> <a href='/account'>My Account</a> <cms:logout_link>Logout</cms:logout_link>
    <cms:oauth><cms:facebook><cms:login_link>Login with Facebook</cms:login_link></cms:facebook></cms:oauth>
    <a href='/login'>Login</a> <a href='/join'>Register</a> <a href='/contact'>Contact</a>

If you want to create a Facebook canvas application you need to create a new site tree from the Website page, then you need to go to options -> Site Domains and created a new domain that uses that site tree. Then pick that domain from Options -> Modules -> Facebooked. You then can set the Canvas URL to your facebook domain inside of You should set your content to be 760px wide unless you choose to use a Fluid Canvas.

If you want to add in a tab page, you’ll need to to pick that page from the dropdown and then set the url of the page to http://YOURDOMAINNAME.COM/website/facebooked/tab